Bum’s Rush: Alvarado-Rios III

Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

In trying to make sense of the utter trouncing of Mike Alvarado by Brandon Rios–a man whom Alvarado had already fought twice before–on HBO last night, I have to imagine that the following conversation must have taken place immediately before the fight, between Alvarado and his trainer:

TRAINER: Now Mike, watch out, cause Rios might try to use an uppercut on you.
ALVARADO: No, I don’t think that’ll happen.

Also in this scene, Alvarado was informed of the fight only a half hour beforehand. And had just finished a box of wine and twelve pound turkey dinner on his own.

In front of a fiercely partisan crowd–RIOS! RIOS! RIOS!–Brandon Rios charged from his corner and never stopped, to which Alvarado had absolutely no response, save for an unintentional(?) low blow in Round Two. Rios landed uppercuts at will from the beginning, and by the end of Round One Alvarado was bloody. By the mddle of Round Two his legs seemed poised to give out from under him. In Round Three, they did, and while he was able to stand and finish the round, by the end of Round Three he was literally seeing double (four Krustys!) and the fight was stopped.

Both men needed a win, but after losing to Alvarado in their second match in 2013, losing to Manny Pacquiao later that year, and 2014’s embarrassing win-by-disqualification over Diego Chaves, Rios needed it more and it showed. After this fight a rematch with Pac could very easily be on the table, or he could take aim at any of the other stars at 147 lbs. As for Alvarado, the road ahead just got a little longer.


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