Bullet(ville) Points: “Trust”

Six Rounds on Tonight’s Justified.

1. Daaaaaaamn, Ava!

2. In keeping with this season’s theme of thwarted expectations, Chekhov’s Gator Necklace only fizzles upon detonation. Vasquez has already cut off Ava from her CI protection, meaning that even if Boyd is caught red handed with Avery Markham’s cash, she is still headed back to prison. And while we all know that Boyd murdered poor Dewey Crowe, a blood-stained necklace is not the evidence that will put him away for life and send Ava comfortably into Witness Protection. Ava convinces Raylan that she can get Boyd to confess using her not inconsiderable feminine wiles, but when the time comes, she shoots him instead, as is her wont. Raylan lets her drive off, much like he allowed Boyd to escape at the end of Season One, once again demonstrating what a heart he has for outlaw romance and what a terrible law enforcement officer he is.

3. Does it beggar belief that Katherine would not at all suspect that Wynn Duffy could not be trusted and that the Marshals were involved in Boyd’s scheme? I can’t decide. On the one hand, she knows that Raylan is both hunting Boyd and has no warm feelings for Markham, and she directly solicited Art’s help in smoking out whoever betrayed her husband–Markham or otherwise. On the other hand, perhaps we’re just so used to Raylan and Boyd thinking ten steps ahead at all times that an only slightly above average schemer such as Katherine comes across as staggeringly naive.

4. Boon’s Heartland Adventures continue, as he puts two bullets into Loretta’s heretofore unseen alcoholic great-aunt and terrorizes a hipster waiter. The hipster’s hat (which he got in Louisville for about $80) more closely resembles the Stetson that Elmore Leonard originally envisioned Raylan wearing in the short stories “Fire in the Hole” and novel Riding the Rap than the show picked out for him to wear. At this point, the subtext of Boon as Raylan’s shadowy reflection is pretty much text, though the fact that the character seems just as aware of this as we are makes it fun in an Elmore kind of way–like when Chili Palmer spends the first chapter of Be Cool complaining about the movie that was made of his life (Get Shorty).

5. Speaking of Elmore, as Ava drove off with two huge duffel bags of Avery Markham’s cash, I couldn’t help but wonder if Markham, having already realized that Katherine was working with Boyd, had pulled a Rum Punch/Jackie Brown thing, stacking bills at the top of the bag and filling the rest with paperback romance novels. I guess we’ll just have to tune in next week.

6. Boyd and Ava’s new passports name them as Mr. and Mrs. Ofay. Well played, Limehouse.


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